Monday, January 12, 2009

Gaza conflict

Anybody following the Gaza conflict would possibly ask a number of questions and may be as confused as I am at present. I am totally against violence of any kind, but at the same time recognises anybody's right to defend themselves against attacks. So Israel is within its rights to defend itself against the rocket attacks by Hamas from Gaza. However, the Israeli attacks seem to me to be totally out of proportion, viewing Al Jazeera, it is reported today that more than 800 people in Gaza have lost their lives since the start of the conflict, a majority of them being civilians, i.e women and children, while Israel have suffered 13 (thirteen) casualties, 3 of them being civilians. Surely something is wrong if the UN and the western world can not see anything wrong with this conflict.

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  1. I agree that the response of Israel is totally disproportionate and their defence that they don't attack civilian targets and that Hamas use civilians as human shields is getting weaker by the day. I think the UN and the west do see plenty wrong with the conflict but they are all dithering about how to deal with Israel as they don't seem to want to have talks. Aren't there talks supposed to be going on in Cairo now? And UNRWA are on the ground in Gaza, but as long as there are no international media in Gaza the full scale of the tragedy isn't getting out. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, what the IDF are doiing. With their siege mentality they don't seem to care about international outrage, and I can't get my head around that arrogance.